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Origin of the Blackard Family in Lincolnshire, England

The name Blackard is recorded first in 1562 in parish records around the town Grimsby in the Lindsey district of northeast Lincolnshire where the Humber River meets the North Sea.

Research on the Blackards of Lincolnshire/Yorkshire, England

The following comes from the earliest surviving parish records and is the oldest documented birth of a Blackard in Lincolnshire:

3 Mar 1562
Elyzabethe Blakerd
Christening: 3 Mar 1562 Stallingborough, Lincolnshire, England

Stallingborough is near Grimsby where 10 more Blackard births are recorded during the years 1593-1606. These records have been confirmed by BritFinders using the original parish records of the Lincolnshire Archives. These children were born to three Blackards: Thomas, William and Edward. These three Blackard men were possibly brothers and also brothers of Elizabeth Blackard b.1562. This possibly indicates that their father was only Blackard living in the Grimsby area in 1562. The region had suffered repeated kill offs over the centuries. Grimsby was said by some to have been founded in the 6th century AD by a man called Blecca of the Roman town of Lincoln, so that may where our family originated and possibly is connected to this man.

The town, Gainsborough, is about 35 miles from Grimsby on the Nottinghamshire border and where the first battle of the English Civil War was fought in 1642. Another birth was recorded there in 1603 which seems far enough from the cluster of simultaneous Grimsby births to indicate a second Blackard family in Lincolnshire around 1600.

04 DEC 1603
Child: Ann Blackerd
Father: Andrew Blackerd
Christening: All Saints Church, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, England

The birth of a John Blackard was also recorded in Timsbury, Somerset in about 1560, however, that record has not yet been confirmed. But his location there makes sense, as the Romans built the Fosse Way in order to travel to the hot springs near Timsbury in Bath, Somerset from Lincoln. The Willoughby family of Lincolnshire also had ties to that area.

Two more generations are recorded in Grimsby parish records up to 1632. Then after 1650, at the end of the English Civil War, the Blackard family disappears from Lincolnshire forever. One of the brothers, Thomas Blackard b.1606, later filed his will in Lancashire. But others probably came to the Americas. This time also corresponded to a period of commercial decline in Gimsby.

Our ancestor, immigrant John Blackard, was transported to Virginia in 1649. Other Blackards are recorded in Barbados and Maryland in the 17th century.


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