Friday, July 01, 2005

Judkins Family is First Found with Similar yDNA to Blackard

Two Blackards participated in the Blanchard family DNA project. While the two Blackard men were identical 12/12 marker matches, it was clear that we are not related to either 3 lines of the American Blanchard family. Previously, some family legends had suggested that we were. Furthermore, we belong to a Mediterranean DNA haplogroup called J2 that is not common in the UK.

The two Blackard lines were those of Willoughby Blackard (1758-1838) and William Blackard (d.1821) who are thought to have been brothers and also sons of Charles Blackard I of old Granville/Bute County, NC. These two family lines have been separated since around 1805 when William left NC for Tennessee and Willoughby left in 1810 for Virginia.

After searching for over 2 years we have found one English family, Judkins, that shows an 11/12 STR y-DNA match with the Blackard family. Furthermore that 1 mismatch is only a 1-step mutation implying a very close connection to the Judkins family. No other match that close exists in any of the current global on-line yDNA data bases including many thousands of surnames.

Earlier research in England indicated that the Blackard family was found around Grimsby, Lincolnshire, England in the 1500s. Records indicate that the Judkins family were living in Rutland and Northampton counties, adjacent to Lincolnshire at that time. This indicates that our families may have a common origin and some common history.


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