Sunday, July 03, 2005

Blackard and Judkins Family Parallels

After discovering the the Blackard and Judkins family are the most-similar to each other in the currently-available on-line y-DNA databases, I searched and found other similarities in our histories:
  1. 11/12 y-DNA match and no other matches in current databases
  2. Families appear in adjacent counties in England in 1500-1650
  3. Both families have Scottish origin legends desparate with their history in the English eastern midlands.
  4. These particular counties were once occupied by the Romans and a certain Celtic tribe
  5. These counties were avid Royalists in the Engish Civil War (1642-1649)
  6. Samuel Judkins and Charles Blackard appear in adjacent counties in Virginia c1650.
  7. Many ex-Royalist soldiers lived in this region
  8. Judkins involved in Bacon's Rebellion (1677) and Blackards may have been too
  9. Francis Judkins and Francis Blackard in St. Michaels Parish, Barbados c1680
  10. Some Bacons rebels had been exiled to Barbados from Virginia
  11. Blacker [sic] and Judkins appear in Edgecombe, NC in 1740s
  12. Thomas Judkins and Charles Blackard appear in Granville/Bute NC in 1750s/1760s
  13. Charles Blackard lived among descendents of Bacon's rebels on Fishing Creek


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