Wednesday, July 06, 2005

3 English Families with False Scottish Origin Stories

I have found a very interesting coincidence among 3 different families that lived in eastern midlands in England in 1500-1600 and immigrated to similar locations in Virginia in the 17th century. All 3 English families have family legends that their families originated in Scotland instead of where they were actually found in the public records of the eastern midlands of England in 1500-1600! This range marks the start of the oldest surviving records.

A-Family Name
B-Residence in 1500-1600
C-Immigration Location
D-Origin as per Family Legend

B-Lincolnshire, Eng
C-1649 Prince George, Va
D-Glasgow or Highlands, Scotland

C-c1640-1650 Surry, Va
D-Glasgow, Scotland

B-Rutland, Eng
C-c1670 Essex, Va
D-Highlands, Scotland

This is a strange coincidence that I have no explanation for, but maybe this may hold a clue for something in our history that we haven't found yet. For example, perhaps the connection to Scotland has to do with the battle of Preston in the English Civil War in Lancashire which involved many Scots. Blackards and Ownbys both first appear in Lancashire after the war which is not easily accessible from their home counties. The part of England where the Blackards, Ownbys and Judkins lived before the war were avid Royalists and allies of the Scot Royalists loyal to King Charles. Charles was beheaded in 1649 which is when John Blackard was transported to Virginia. Perhaps some of the English Royalists actually joined the Scottish army in this battle.

One coat of arms firm claims that the Judkins actually originated in Suffolk, England in far ancient times. This is where the celtic Coritani tribe of Rutland, Leiceister & Lincolnshire originated so this would preclude a Scottish origin prior to 1500 if the Judkins/Blackard J2 DNA type is linked to the Coritani rather than Romans.

Immigrant Samuel Judkins was located in Surry County, Virginia in the late 1600s adjacent to todays Prince George County where immigrant John Blackard lived. Family legends that he came from Glasgow, Scotland have been proven to be false. Also a Thomas Judkins was listed in Granville/Bute NC records near Charles Blackard I.

The Ownby family was located in Rutland as early as 1156. In the 1750s/60s the grandson of the immigrant Ownby, Thomas Ownby, was recorded near our ancestor Charles Blackard I in the tax records of Granville and Bute Counties of North Carolina.


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