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Charles Blackard II in Guilford NC in 1800

Charles Blackard II, presumed son of Charles Blackard I, was recorded as "Charles Blachard" on the second U.S. Census of 1800 in Guilford County, North Carolina. He also witnessed a deed there in 1798, immediately after relocating from Wake County, NC.

After doing the following research, I am fairly certain that in 1798-1800 Charles Blackard was living in what is now Greensboro, Guilford County, NC.

Guilford County Genealogy Library
Greensboro Public Library
Abstracts and Deeds of Guilford County NC Books 3-6
Guilford County Deed Book 6, pg523
2614 May 29,1798 Nathan Dillon (Guilford Co) to Charles McDormand (same) to George Rael(Rayl?) (same) for L10 sold 20ac on southeast side of Moons Creek; border; begins at a hickory at said Blairs ofsit corner on a hill side near the fork of the branch and joins James Leper; being a small ofsit on south side of Thomas Blairs entry he made on Isaac Coulson improvement which joint Eaven Jones old entry on a branch where Richard Wallis formerly Nathan Dillon.
Witn. CHARLES BLACKARD, Elizabeth Dillon and Ludia Dillon; Aug 1798

I found some connections between Nathan Dillon and some men near Charles Blackard in 1800. Some of them were Pennsylvania Quakers, but Bell was also from Caswell and belonged to Buffalo Presbyterian Church which is still in northern Greensboro. Armfield was a Methodist and his is the oldest marked grave in Oak Ridge cemetery in northern Greensboro.

William Armfield Sr. was on the committee that gave Greensboro, Guilford County, NC its name in honor of the revolutionary war General Nathanael Green, who was at times the commander of Willoughby Blackard.
William Armfield married Lydia Julian Field whose family my hometown of Julian, Guilford Co, NC was named.

A Francis Bell was recorded on the 1759 Rowan tax list with Thomas Blackett whom I suspect could have been a Blackard. Guilford was carved out of Rowan and Orange Co NC. Colo. Robert Bell, Francis Bell's brother, was himself a rev war commander. This map indicates where the Bell property C4 was located map

Nathan Dillon married Sarah Colson [Isaac Coulson named on deed] and was removed from the Quaker church for marrying a non-Quaker.

Some of these men and associates appear to have been Regulators including William Armfield.

1800 Guilford County NC US Census: Charles Blachard - Head of household

1 male under 10 --- (b.1790-1800) probably Eli
2 males 10 to 16 ---(b.1774-1784) possibly Branch and Levi
1 male over 45 years --- (b.before 1755) Charles Blackard II

2 females under 10 --- (b.1790-1800) unknown (Julian?)
1 female 16 to 26 --- (b.1774-1784) unknown
1 female over 45 years --- (b.before 1755) Betty Henderson B.

The following census extracts of 1790,1800 and 1810 show that Bell and Armfield remained in the same general area.

1790 Guilford US Census
Bell, Francis (second page of enumeration)
Armfield, William (second page of enumeration)

1800 Guilford US Census
Bell, Francis pg.668
Blachard, Charles pg.668
Armfield, William pg.668
Dillon, Nathan pg.668

1810 Guilford US Census
Bell, Francis pg 996
Armfield, William pg 921
Armfield, William pg 938
Dillon, Nathan pg 986
Humphreys, H. pg 922
Humphrey, Henry pg 959
Self, Evell pg 987

In later years, some other names similar to Blackard were recorded in Guilford County.

Also in "Abstracts of the Marriage Bonds of Guilford County NC 1771-1840"
Thompson Vol 1
Rebacak Blanend m. Ebenezer Jester 10 Nov 1813, Nathan Chouch; wit: Robert Johnson

The following apprentice bond is especially interesting as Charles Blackard was probably the brother of a Job Blackard (1766-1799). The given name Job is not common in the Blanchard family so this may be a son of Charles Blackard. He may have named a son after his recently-deceased brother. This boy was born in 1803, shortly before Charles Blackard II relocated to Dickson County, Tennessee around 1805. If his wife died between 1803 and 1805, the child would most-likely have been placed in another home in the church, as was the custom of the time.

Guilford County NC Apprentice Bonds and Papers 1817-1870 - Jarrel
Apprentice: Job Blanchard, male orphan, age 18
Bonded to John Hopkins May Court 1821
Trade: ladder trade until age 21
Witn: John Howell, Jno Harner

Given that the William Armfield living near Charles Blackard in 1798-1800 was married to a Julian, and the Blackard's custom of using their friends surnames as their children's given name, this Julian Blankard could have been one of the younger daughters in the 1800 household.

Guilford County, NC Newspapers - The Patriot - 1830
May 5, 1830
Marriages: On the 8, inst., Beauford Benson, to Miss Julian Blankard.


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