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Sunday, February 06, 2005

A Purposed History of the Early American Blackard Family

I feel that we now have enough circumstantial evidence to defend the theory that we American Blackards are all descendants of a John Blackard who came to Virginia in 1649 to a part of old Charles City County that is now called Prince George County.

The following webpages are a summary of almost a year of research that lead to this conclusion.

Research Paper

I have convinced myself that these 3 boys were, in fact, all great-grandsons of grandsons of men who immigrated to Charles City/Prince George Virginia in 1639-1649.

  1. Willoughby Blackard b.1758 Granville NC d.1838
  2. Thomas Chappell b.1761 Granville NC d.1836
  3. Nathan Peebles b.1769 Granville/Bute NC d. aft1840

If we step one generation back from these boys, we see the following fathers:

  1. Charles Blackard I ?
  2. John Chappell b. c1734
  3. Nathaniel Peebles b. 1731

I feel that these people are descendents of the following immigrants who lived in Merchant's Hope in present Prince George County, Virginia:

  1. John Blackard trans. 1649 by Sparrow & Tye
  2. Thomas Chappel, on 1650 headrights grant with John Blackard
  3. David Peebles, arrived 1649 adj. Sparrow & Tye